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USA Judo Elite Roster Points Information & Rules

The Dallas Open is a USA Judo Senior-D and Junior-C level event. USA Judo Elite Roster points are awarded to the winners of certain senior divisions. The following is USA Judo’s explanation of how the points will be awarded from this tournament. For more information on points tournaments visit the U.S. Judo website at www.usjudo.org/. This event is a USA Judo Senior-D and Junior-C level event. The ONLY divisions in which points can be earned are the highest SENIOR belt rank divisions. No points are awarded in JUNIOR-AGE divisions; ALL players who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive Senior D-level points. Junior- age athletes (born 2001 and later) who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the highest

SENIOR belt divisions will receive Junior, C-level points in addition to Senior points. Restrictions: Players must win at least 1 match and be a citizen of the USA in order to receive points. In addition, after earning points, in order to be listed on USA Judo's national roster, a player must join USA Judo (if not already a member). Seeding: For the Senior D-level categories, the top 4 nationally ranked Senior athletes will be seeded if they compete in the weight division in which they are ranked. #1 and #4 shall be placed on one side of the bracket; #2 and #3 shall be placed on the other side. The seeding order shall be in the order of the byes, i.e., if there is 1 bye, #1 shall get it; if there are 2 byes, #'s 1 and 2 shall get them, etc. If any of the top 4 nationally ranked athletes are not in attendance, athletes ranked #5 and below SHALL NOT be seeded, i.e., "moved up" to the next higher seed position.

Rules for Senior D-/Junior C-level divisions:

  1.  IJF contest rules shall be used, including "Golden Score" overtime.

  2.  Players may compete in only 1 senior elite division.

  3.  Players must compete in the weight category that conforms to their measured weight at weigh-in.


A player competing in the 81 kg division must weigh over 73 kg and less than or equal to 81 kg.


The Male 55 kg and Female 44 kg divisions are PJU weights and not "Olympic" weights. Competitors whose measured weight would place them in a PJU weight division may choose to compete in the next higher weight division (Male 60 kg and Female 48 kg)


  • Juniors 75 USD
  • Juniors - 2nd Division 75 USD
    if you are competing in a 2nd junior division
  • Juniors Novice 75 USD
  • Juniors Novice - 2nd Division 75 USD
    Only if you are competing in a 2nd junior novice division
  • Veterans (30 & over) 75 USD
  • Senior Novice (below brown belt) 75 USD
  • Senior Novice (below brown belt) - 2nd Division 75 USD
    Only if you are competing in a 2nd senior novice division
  • Senior Elite 125 USD

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